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Our first game to IOS system
This game was our first attempt at the hard world of AppStore. The original idea is based on the classic game of Zigurat, the great HUMPHEY. (In fact, if you remember this game, you will find a lot of similarities) I love the game of Zigurat, it was one of my favorite games at the time of the Spectrum, Amstrad, MSX, Commodore, etc...
The game is availabe at the Appstore now. Here you can watch the game in action.
Also, if you have IPhone or Ipad, you can download the game totally free HERE.
As curiosity, the blue ball wasn´t the first idea as main character of the game. We worked in several ideas such as these characters.


Finally, the blue ball was the best option (more simple, more funny and... more...PAC MAN? ) :-)

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