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With this game, we returned to the IOS platform. I want to say that to develop a game and publish it on IOS is like throwing a grain of sand on the beach and wait for this grain is known and found. For people like us that we love to develop games, but we haven´t money to prome them, IOS is such as drop in the middle of the ocean :-)
We put a lot of illsuion with ALH and the result was very good and funny. Unfortunately, the game was like the grain of sand that will not be missed. It´s a shame :-), but now, if you have an IPhone or Ipad, you can download it totally free HERE.

If you want to watch the game in action, Hey...below :-)

As curiosity, when we started the Project, we wanted to acclimate the game in a post apocalyptic world like MAD MAX. In fact, we started to design some screen of the game:

Finally, we rescued an old idea that we had about the crazy aircrafts. I would like to share with you some of old sketches that we did.

Of course, these images are....uhm... old, yes... they were done about.... 15 years ago?? more or less. Aircraft Little Heroes looks better and we would like to share some artwork with you. We hope you like the art.

...and my sweet cow :-)

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