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From now, you can download Gazzel Quest for Windows from HERE.

This is the same version that you can find on DESURA but now it is free ;-)

We were working in the Knightmare remake when we noticed that we were spending more time than we expected. this was extra effort. The result was great but we were working in a game of Konami, so we could never get minimal benefit from our efforts.

We decided to stop the Project and ask ourselves to make a game based in Knightmare, but our idea, our story, our main characters.... this was, Gazzel´s Quest was created :-)

Gazzel´s Quest is pure old school gameplay (ais...we love the retro games such as Commando, Mercs, Ghost and Goblins...) The game contains different final bosses, a lot of enemies, weapons...

The game was launched to IOS the last year. We wanted to see a game like that on a new platform as IOS. The game control is not as good as we would like, but if you have an Ipad, certainly you will enjoy with it. You can download the game HERE.

About the game, we store a lot of extra material. Let me share with you some of these images.

Ups..The final boss....:_(

A big Mummy is waiting...

Fighting in the rain...

The Lands of Loki...To cold for brown skin

This guy is really angry...
The Desura version contains the pink mummy

Me against the world

Different sprites... a lot of work :-)

and... Gazzel´s Quest in action

For a while we were thinking of making a sequel of Gazzel´s Quest. We think of an RPG game with the visual style of Gazzel, where you can explore different dungeons, get game experiencia points, forge new weapons, combat systems, ítems as magics, attack, defense, etc...


  1. Gazzels Quest looks like a fantastic, retro RPG in the making! I think its features look pretty standard to hopefully making it a great game. Furthermore, I hope if there is a Kickstarter, it has a stretch for a physical release too!

    1. Thanks Ogreatgames. Currently, we have begun a new Project with a lot of rpg elements... we keep updated to our followers in twiter, so you can follow us :-)

  2. You fully match our expectation and the selection of our

    1. Hi Chris, are you interested in publishing Gazzel in your portal?

  3. Replies
      less 2$