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Sunday 7 April 2013

Greetings From Demon VideoGames

Hey guys... Finally, we have decided to create this blog and gather in one place all the work that we have done during these last years.

Demon Videogames is a team of two people, yes... really, my friend and me:-). We love the world of the videogames. We like to play games, but much more, we love to develop them. We are an indie team, that means, basically, that everything is done with our effort and our time.

We want to share this blog with you all. Tell you what we´ve done so far, but more importantly, the projects that we will create in the future.

Do not hesitate to comment on whatever you want. You can take a look to our games. Also, we will speak about our new projects soon ....very soon  ;-)

To finish, I apologize in advance for our English. We do what we can :-) and we hope that even it is not well, at least, we can transmit to you our passion for the videogames.


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